The organization is very clear to its concepts of community development approach , so that the vision of organization consists on the priorities of the community and its members needs.

On the other hands the organization has very much clear about the Plan international , information sheet, Records and Child  Protection programmes  of save the children records Due to these realities organization has vision to work for the society excluded people by heir active participation in decision making process.

Initially the  organization is focusing its working on the education which means environmental education women empowerment through education , skill development rehabilitation, human resource development poverty alleviation, water supply , and senation and child protection through education .


The mission of the organization is to strengthen the deprived  people of  the society and enable them to participate in all decision making process for the justified distribution of resources,to awareness by extra curriculum activities.


NICON Neelum Owner Waheed Mughal
Mr. Khawaja. Haq Nawaz
President NCSDO

Welcome to National Child Support and Development Org

  • Introduction

    National Child Support For Development Organization (is a humanitarian non government ,non political and non profitable organization, which was funded by its volunteers in 2007. It is recognized at ntional level.
    The Organization is REGISTERED under Pakistan social welfare act and Control) Ordinance, 1961) (Registration and Control), Act, 1982, as applicable to Azad Government of the stste of Jammu and Kashmir.
    At national level, the organization is working at the grass root level with a participatory approach with community based organization (CBOs), (Cos), net work..

    There are two Computer center based in neelum under the supervision of NCSDO. Secondly there are Three vocational training institutes for women, in several places of District Neelum.

    The organization has worked with some national and international NGOs like work  Plan international ,Islamic Relief,AJKRSP, Sukhie development organization , Children First, save The children UK, Acted NGO Hrdn ,Bdn,on Voluntarly bases. All the Members of organization are also volunteer of Pakistan Red crescent society (PRCS)

  • NICON Neelum Owner Waheed Mughal


    - To work on"Education for all” (EFA).
    - To improve primary health education.
    - To help and support poor and deprive one
    - To help the students in educational problems specially those who cannot afford their educational expenses.
    - To protect the public physically and economically.
    - Awareness rising in remote areas
    - To help the victimized people by disaster of any type.
    - To serve the poor women by vocational training institutes from which they can get source of income.
    - Try for peace in everywhere in the world.
    - To work for economic development

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(No.375 of 2018)

NCSDO Priorties

  1. Education
      1. In frastructure
      2. Advocacy
      3. poverty
  2. Skill development
  3. Child protection
  4. Human Rights
  5. Women empowerment
  6. Rehabilitation
  7. Poverty Reduction
  8. Environment
  9. Livelihood
  10. Agriculture
  11. Kitchen Gardening
  12. Health & education

Future Project

"Establishment of 6 x IT Training centers in 6 x Union Councils of Tehsil Atumuqam District Neelum AJK"

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